north shore in cypress
North Shore in cypress, 2015 – 45x13x6″
North Shore in cypress (detail)


Seascape in hand hewn barn timber, 2015 – 12x20x2.5″


dirt road
Winding Road through the Field, 2015 – 5.5×10.5×1″


large cloudscape
Large Cloudscape, 2014 – 45 x 10 x 2″
Haybales in red barn door
Hay Bales in Red Barn Door, 2014 (sold)


haybales in cherry
Hay Bales in Cherry (sold)

Travelling the landscapes of this country is a lifelong study of light and color, weather and season. This body of work captures impressions of the land and sky with needle felted wool fused strand by strand in a painterly fashion using a barbed needle. The completed felt textiles are recessed into hand finished wood or reclaimed vintage timbers, which echo the abandoned structures of old farmhouses. The organic textures of fiber against wood grain draw the hand as well as the eye to seek the detail and composition of these unique works.

island with knot2 winter treemoon on water